Help us select open standards for government IT
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Open Standards Engagement Process

  • Challenges
    Read about the areas where the government wants your help and submit your proposal for an Open Standards based solution.
  • Standards Pipeline
    View the pipeline of in-progress standards and contribute to their development.
  • Adopted Standards
    Browse the catalogue of ready to use Open Standards.

This website provides the “front door” to an underlying process for open standards engagement. There are three key aspects to this process:

  1. Challenges
    A “challenge” is a topic which has been identified as a priority area where the Government wants your help. Challenges are time-bounded in order to focus a concentrated burst of activity on solving a specific problem. You can read the current list of challenges and then register on the site and make a proposal if you have expertise which you think would help in developing a standards-based solution to one of the challenges. Once the end date for a challenge is reached then the contributions gathered will be collated and fed into the pipeline for further development.

  2. Pipeline
    From the response to a challenge will come a pipeline of standards development and adoption work. This will refine the material gathered and organise further development and testing to create a formalised Standards Profile. This Standards Profile describes exactly how one or more standards will be used to solve a specific problem. The work progresses through several stages and you can follow what is going on and keep up-to-date on the latest activity. You can view the pipeline of in-progress standards adoption activity, read the draft documentation and discussions, and contribute by commenting on the discussion. There is also a tracking dashboard where you can review recent activity or configure personalised alerts.

  3. Adopted Standards

    The output of the process is Adopted Standards, ready to use in a specific context. You can browse the standards catalogue to view the outputs of the process, in terms of adopted standards to be used.
    There are three key actors in the process:

    Standards Hub website
    That is this website, which allows you to interact with the process in the ways described above. You can make proposals to answer the challenges, track and contribute to the pipeline, and browse the catalogue of adopted standards.

    Data / Technical Standards Panels
    These panels of experts drive the progression of standards through the pipeline. They filter and refine the incoming proposals to form the final proposals for standards adoption. You can read and comment on the minutes of these meetings.

    Open Standards Board
    The Open Standards Board provides senior governance over the process. It has the remit to approve the recommendations of the Data / Technical Standards Panels, and to drive open standards adoption across government.