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Our meetings

Here we describe the groups that take part in the assessment process and publish their minutes.

Data Panel meeting – 23 October 2015

This meeting was scheduled to evaluate the following proposals:

  • Multi agency incident transfer (MAIT): Multi Agency Incident Transfer Version 0.2.2
  • Exchange of location point information: World Geodetic System 1984 (WGS 84)
  • Exchange of property / place address information: Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN).

Declarations of interest

Data Panel meeting – 22 September 2015

This meeting was held to evaluate the following proposals:

  • Publishing vacancies online: JobPosting v2.1
  • Multi agency incident transfer (MAIT): Multi Agency Incident Transfer Version 0.2.2

Declaration of interests

Peter Parslow declared a commercial interest in standards relating to geographic data such as UPRN as he is an employee of Ordnance Survey. UPRN is a product of GeoPlace a public sector limited liability partnership between the Local Government Association and Ordnance Survey.

Data Panel meeting – 13 April 2015

New panel members have joined the Data Standards Panel (Gareth Rushgrove, Andrew Pickford and Matt Wilson). The panel evaluated proposals on language tags and country codes at this meeting. Paul Downey of GDS acted as challenge owner for these proposals and presented them to the panel.

Declarations of interest

Nicholas began the meeting by asking the panel whether they had any interests to declare, the panel had none.

Language tags

Open Standards Board – 27 April 2015

This was the fifth Open Standards Board, two proposals were tabled for discussion:

Language tags

Country codes

A revised challenge on understanding government documents was also tabled. The Open Standards Board had previously asked for clarity on the scope and user need when they had been asked to review a proposal on this topic.

Summary of outcomes

The Board agreed:

Open Standards Board – 6 October 2014

This was the fourth Open Standards Board, three challenges were tabled for discussion:

  • Exchange of contact information - RFC6350 (vcard)

  • Exchange of calendar events - RFC5545 (iCalendar)

  • Public emergency alert messaging - Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) 1.2

Summary of outcomes

The Board agreed:

  1. For exchange of contact information, to adopt RFC6350 (vcard) subject to there being no conflicting standards already adopted in Europe

Technical Panel meeting actions - 22 September 2014

Magnus Falk, Government Digital Services(chair)

Nicholas Oughtibridge, Health and Social Care Information Centre

James Stewart - Government Digital Services

John Adams - Department for International Development

Richard Crowther - CESG

Tariq Rashid - Home Office

James Penman - Met Office

Steven Walters - HMRC

Data Panel meeting actions - 22 September 2014

Nicholas Oughtibridge Health and Social Care Information Centre (chair of Data Panel)

Colin Hand, Ministry of Justice

Graham Peek, Parliament

Paul Davidson, Local eGovernment Standards Body

David Lawton, Informed Solutions

Peter Mann, CDS Digital

Peter Winstanley, Scottish Government

Magnus Falk Government Digital Services

Paul Downey Government Digital Services

Standards panels - terms of reference

Why the standards panels exist

Through the Standards Hub anyone can get involved in the process of prioritising and helping us to select open standards for government IT.

Advice on aspects of document formats requested by the Open Standards Board – 9 April 2014

The Open Standards Board requested additional clarification and advice relating to document formats.


Open Standards Board - meeting 3 (25 March 2014)

This was the third meeting of the Open Standards Board, and the main topic would be the open standards for document formats.  However attendees also heard an update on persistent and resolvable URI identifiers. Mike Bracken, Executive Director at the Government Digital Service, acted as chair.